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Christmas Rush

So its that time of the year where you are probably thinking to either get your flooring done before Christmas or to wait for Christmas sale. Do you really believe that you can save up to 50% on any kind of flooring. Yes it is possible if a manufacturer is discontinuing a product and just want to get rid of the remainder of the stock then they will let authorised dealers buy it for a very low prices which in turn means retailers are able to sell off the products at low prices. Sometimes you can really pick up a good deal however on the other side why is that the manufacturer does not wish to be producing that particular product any more. Is it because it is out of trend or that particular colour is not a good seller. Well everyone has a different taste and sometimes depending on your taste or if you are not fussy about trends and colours then you can pick up a really good deal. However if you want to keep up with the trend and do want the colours which are in right now then apart from compromising quality it is difficult to find yourself a smashing deal.



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