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Vinyl flooring is tough, durable and highly resistant to damage, making it particularly suitable for areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and heavy-duty commercial applications. Vinyl Plank is a rigid plank made up of several layers: a top layer of transparent PVC seals a decorated vinyl to provide a comfortable walking surface which is exceptionally tough and easy to maintain; a layer of HDF incorporating a clic fixing system gives stability, solidity and strength in the join; and finally a layer of cork ensures excellent thermal and noise insulation.
Vinyl planks are designed to be laid floating over a subfloor, making it far quicker and easier to fit than glue-down vinyl: the subfloor, whilst needing to be level, does not have to be perfect; it requires virtually no preparation and no drying time once the floor is laid. Once down the floor will remain perfectly flat and even, with tight, consistent joints between every board.
Vinyl Planks and Tiles are fully waterproof which incorporate a rigid, high-density PVC replacing the HDF and cork.

We have a collection of luxury vinyl floors combining the natural look and feel of wood or stone with all the practical benefits of vinyl tiles.


Vinyl floors are available in a wide variety of colors and designs: ‘Balance’, with a planks design, sheets and ‘Ambient’ with a tile format.


Vinyl flooring is exceptionally quiet to walk on and 100% waterproof, making it the ideal floor covering for kitchens or bathrooms.


Thanks to the patented UniclicMultifit system, your floor can be installed anywhere, quickly and easily. And because luxury vinyl is also very thin and flexible, it can even be laid over your existing floor.


A sealed top layer with ‘Scratch Guard’ and ‘Stain Guard’ technology protects vinyl floors against dirt, stains and scratches and makes them easy to clean. In addition, all floors are backed by a 5 to 30-year warranty.

Here at Exhibit Floor Designs we offer a wide range of cushion vinyl flooring, safety flooring and luxury vinyl tiles. We pride ourselves on offering the best vinyl flooring across the board. We have established a speedy network service allowing us for a speedy delivery
Cushion vinyl flooring comes in rolls which is mainly used in kitchens and bathrooms as it is waterproof. On display we offer the most well renowned brands at the lowest prices
Safety Flooring tends to be installed in commercial buildings such as hospitals, schools and shopping malls etc, simply because it’s extremely hard wearing allowing it to maintain it’s looks despite the heavy traffic.
Luxury Vinyl Tiles are becoming more and more popular, they are individual planks which comes in both wood and stone effects. Once laid luxury vinyl tiles have a great resemblance to the true natural product.


Exhibit Floor Designs is specialist in all types of flooring, including carpets, laminates, real wood, tiles, vinyl and cushion flooring.

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