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A Myth

It is getting more concerning now a days due to some rogue traders where people been informed that the thicker the Carpet is, better it is. With the vast array of carpet qualities and types, the task of getting the right carpet for your needs is a daunting process. Most consumers are not familiar with the factors affecting carpet selection and are ending up with the wrong product due to not being helped by professionals.

The myth about the weight of the carpet linked with the quality of the carpet is totally wrong. The quality of the carpet depends on the fibre itself. If the carpet fibre is of the poor quality then for sure the fibre will crush down sooner when compared to a good fibre besides the point how thick or heavy is the carpet. So for first few months it will look nice but then you will start noticing the fibre crushing down. That is when you realise the famous saying ‘you get what you pay for’

It is therefore important to research about the carpet you are about to purchase, The most important thing is the fibre , check the manufacture warranties for the carpet and also most important point is to research about the manufacturer itself. This will give you a head start atleast. If you are still not sure then always approach one of the reputable company for their advice. Majority of the companies now adays offer free consultations and its for the consumer to make most of this and ask all questions they have in their mind. Yes it is time consuming but its worth every second you spend to get all the information required before you spend your hard earned money.


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