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2016 Flooring Trends

Let us start by wishing you all a very happy new year. 2015 seems to have set back few people due to oil crises where some people did not actually go through with renovating their houses and on the other hand it did not effect a vast majority of the customers who carried on as normal.

One bad news which comes with 2016 is the obvious one, price increase, which is mainly due to CAD v USD so be ready to be paying anything between 5 to 15% more this year when compared to 2015.

We saw a small change of trend as far as Carpets are concerned which started towards the end of 2015. It seems to have a carried over to 2016 and looks like its here to stay. Pattern carpets also knows as Cut and loop style have actually become the most selling carpet. There was a time when cut pile or plush carpet was a norm across the board and pattern carpet was considered out of fashion. It seems to have turned around. Obviously some patterns are more famous than others, small patterns remains the most selling in neutral colors and will be here to stay for rest of 2016.

Grey has been the trend of 2015 and does not seem to have changed. Whether its carpet, Laminate, Hardwood , Vinyl or Tiles, Grey tones are still on the top with Grey and White combination being the one of the best out there.

In Hardwood, reclaimed and hand scrapped wood is taking the edge as no doubt it adds that different look you were always after making sure its not the same old boring oak or maple you see in everyone’s house.

Floor tiles have also seen the change of trend and 12 x 12 will be soon something from the past. The new trend is going towards 12 x 24 in most cases and even bigger if space permits.

Luxury Vinyl planks are no doubt in high demand. In most cases you really have to look very closely for you know that the floor is actually vinyl in addition the floor being water proof its being the top choice for customers with pets and young children. Bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens being the most famous areas for luxury vinyl planks installation. There has been recent addition to this family and the product is also available in 12 x 24 tiles and loose lay which has taken the market like a storm. The ceramic and stone designs available in luxury vinyl tiles is taking over the spots of front entrance, garage door entrance etc.

Laminate sales has been more than ever simply because of the new up to date designs and color options available. The main reason which was highlighted is being 50% cheaper than hardwood and still getting the same look and better as far as scratch resistance is concerned especially with customers with Pets and children who always worry about those scratches on the wood. This tend will carry on in 2016 until and unless we see a big change in economy and people start spending their money then Hardwood will come back and take its place.


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